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Dmytro, a creative conceptualist
Hi there! Thanks for visiting my page. My name is Dmytro (you should pronounce it as "metro" but add "D" in the beginning). I'm Ukrainian. Currently, I live in sunny Dubai and enjoy making creative work for some of the best local and international brands. I've got 10+ years experience of working as a conceptual copywriter and ideas generator for both local and multinational companies (including ATL and digital agencies). If you wish to get more information about my career history feel free to ...
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Smart & stupid
Just a few words about my approach
I think that real creativity lies somewhere between smart and stupid. You should be smart enough to not be dumb and at the same time - be stupid enough to be bold.
Being too smart isn't good because it tends to simply turn you into a boring nerd. Too stupid isn't good as well, because what's the point of being an ultimately mad moron?
Even the weirdest stuff should have its own crazy, stupid logic. Only in this case, stuff has the chance to become great.
I also like my job because it always involves something new. Today, I may learn something about water pumping, yesterday it was aircraft engines and tomorrow it could be wedding traditions in Burma. And it's wonderful! You never stop getting information about our world and never stop asking "What if?"
Take a risk, be bold, make unusual decisions, fall and get back up on your feet again. Because without doing so, you won't respect yourself. And if you consider yourself a chickenshit, you won't be able to produce outstanding ideas.
Love the process of creation, love even those moments when you want to strike your head against the wall. Because as Alex Bogusky once said: "If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong". That's what I personally believe in.

If you want to work together or just want to say "hi!" feel free to give me a shout via facebook or LinkedIn
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